Clients Feedback

Clients Feedback

Our babies have been going here for years. Tim trained one of our dogs that was on death row because of his agression to live a normal life, when others just wanted him to be pts. The continual support that Tim provides is priceless and at the end of the day his in this business for the people and animals. . Top quality service and business, the best dog management business in Australia. We continue to board our dogs with Allbreeds after thier training and as much as it hurts to say that moment we arrive in the carpark our dogs dont looks back.. Thankyou so much Tim, Erin and the rest of the Allbreeds crew!
Casey Wynade

I’ve had my 2 boys back for nearly 2 weeks now and they are still different dogs, I would and have recommended Allbreeds to my friends who have similar behaviour issues with there dogs, they still try to be sneaky sometimes and think that jumping up is ok but no sooner do they do it they no there in trouble, walking them was my biggest issue when my partner goes away to work and now I can walk them both by myself on there usual walks now and it’s such a breeze, definately enjoying my fur babies so much more now that they are behaved, thank u so much to Tim and Erin and the rest of the staff for ure amazing work and I look forward to our first meeting next week
Sherene Clifford

We couldn’t be happier with the result! Ebonys behaviour has improved so much with the new rules!! We learnt a lot about her and our own leadership issues at handover after bootcamp, we now have real hope that she can be a part of our dog family without fear of her being aggressive with our other dogs and dogs in public. She seems happier and more relaxed as well. Thanks so much Tim, Erin and the team. We’re following what you have taught us and she (and us) are coming along nicely… there was even some random butt sniffing with other dogs at the beach today . Cheers
Kathy Nikas

My German shepherd was getting too aggressive towards all strangers and any animals she saw due to living in a rural area and having a lack off socialization opportunities, but now after taking part in the boot camp she is a different girl, I can take her out in public , or in to the chook pen no problems, and to the vets through the front door she is relaxed with over a dozen other animals, last year I had to take her through the back door and have her muzzled, what a difference, money well spent, forever grateful
Gordon Carter

I could not recommend Tim and his staff more if I tried. The out come of the training that we received for our two Rottweiler X’s was amazing. The boys went there two years ago and we have never had an issue with them not responding or coming back. We used the training collar only a few times once they were back home and now we only have the behaviour chain. This will be the best money you will ever spend on your dog, not only for you but for the confidence of you dog too.
Samantha Ede

Been home with my girl who just finished the bootcamp. Very happy with the training methods and advice. Already had to ‘chastise’ the pup when she was being naughty (she’s six months old) and it worked a treat.
They were concerned about the dog and the heat in the offhand manner that proves it’s second nature, their dogs are well behaved and very happy and the trainer obviously loved what she did. This place was perfect in my view. Time will tell but with consistency, the monthly meets and anytime I need help I highly recommend k9 bootcamp.
Alize Bloffwitch

I recently had to leave my best friend at Allbreeds K9 Bootcamp & Pet Retreat …. 4 whole days is the longest time to be without my best mate!! …… However, I know he was so well cared for and never would I leave him anywhere else!!! He had such a good “Retreat”…. he loved it …..and it made me stress-free while away for work….. Thank you so much to all the Staff (and the Boss) for taking such excellent care of my mate heart emoticon hugs to you all
Sharon Fletcher

Our very excitable shepherd went to the 10 day boot camp recently and we are so very happy with the outcome. The information and training session I had when I picked him up was nothing short of amazing. I cannot say how impressed I was. And he is following the rules nicely at home, and walking so nicely. The team have turned Aussies behaviour around and made it simple for us to maintain this with him. Hats off guys, we are so very happy!!! Thanks
Alison Oliver

A big thank you to Tim , Erin and the team for teaching my girl some manners at the K 9 boot camp Level 3 .She was very well behaved at the pet expo and walking nicely .We very happy with the outcome and will recommend K 9 boot camp for sure .Five star for you .Thanks you again Heidi and Ernie
Heidi Ford

Picked up our super enthusiastic pup yesterday and we can already see such a big difference. Her manners with our other dog are so much better and she is walking beautifully on the lead today with the commands you taught us. The hand over was really informative! Thanks for looking after my little girl!
Kathryne Sharp

Only day 2 but what can I say! It’s a different household and I’m getting my confidence back! Been a rough ride but definitely feel more confident to get back in the saddle! I AM pack leader haha! Thank you to all the team!
Elaine Carr

My 2 German Shepherhs are changed dogs!!! I can now walk both dogs without my arm being pulled off!! They do as they are told and I know their quality of life has just improved so much more. Thank you all so much. We couldn’t of done this without you!!
Courtney Leqwis

I can not speak highly enough of Tim and his team. The bootcamp is well worth it in fact I feel it was worth a lot more than I paid. If you are anything like me you dont know how to teach your dog to drop stay heel etc. its so much easier to maintain it once they know. Both of our staffys have done it and they love being there. I wouldn’t trust them with anyone else
Sarah Dean

They did a great job, very professional. I will definitly recommend them to my friends.
Janish Hui Lu

Amazing!! My two 4yr old Bull Terriers are awesome thanks to the team at Allbreeds, not to mention they are much happier now they have boundaries, rules and know who are leaders smile emoticon we are very impressed. Highly recommend, worth every cent!
Jessica Hampel

We have been using Allbreeds to train 3 German Shepherds since 2005. Would not consider using any other dog trainer. Our first shepherd was trained 1 on 1 and was the talk of our suburb, a huge male shepherd but well mannered and obedient to a fault. Our 2nd shepherd was purchased from Allbreeds as a young adult, once again an amazingly obedient girl. Both have passed and we are now onto our 3rd Shepherd also purchased through Allbreeds and he is a joy to be around. Trained via Allbreeds Boot Camp, all the hard work was done for us. Can’t say enough good things about Allbreeds.
Kaye Tucker

These guys are absolute legends!! They retrain my two 4yr old American stuffies. They now have manners, have stopped digging, I can now walk them on leads and the list go’s on.. honestly it’s like having new dogs… The best decision we have ever made, we were at the point of re homing our dogs this was our last hope. They really can work magic!! Well worth the money we spent. U won’t be sorry grin emoticon great customer service too
Kylie Vince

Tim is the best dog trainer we have ever met. Our boxer had aggression problems with other dogs, after working with Tim he socialises perfectly with other dogs. We would recommend Tim to anyone who needs help in training their dog.
Barbara Flemming

Wow what a change in Ruby. First day back from Bootcamp and she is a changed dog. Played with 4 human children this afternoon with no signs of aggression or fear. Thanks Tim
Merissa Devlin

Wouldn’t trust anyone else with my fur babies, friendly helpful staff
Catherine Hicks
Always admire people who don’t just love dogs but can train and feed them properly.
“Walk the talk.”
Mike OO

Just want to say a massive thank you to Tim, Erin and the rest of the team at Allbreeds K9 Bootcamp.
Even though we only collected Sanchez on Tuesday afternoon he has been amazing since he has been home. No jumping, no grabbing the kids and so far nothing else has been destroyed. He has certainly come along way and long may it continue. Thanks Dave, Bev, Bianca and Madison.
Dave Bennett


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