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Allbreeds K9 Bootcamp & Pet Retreat has medium to large breed kennels. Also separate little dog kennels.

The big dog kennels are spacious, and fully undercover away from extreme weather conditions. (Single 5 mtr length X 1.2 wide)

We also have extra large kennels suitable for 2 -3 dogs from the same family. (Double size 5 mtre length X 2.4 wide)

The small dog kennels have 5 or 6 seperate rooms so it never gets overcrowded or too noisy. (3.3 mtres length X 1.5 wide)

small dog pensThe small dog kennels have tiled floors and air-conditioning. They also have a separate enclosed communal run with wading pool and toys available. The little ones also have a play on the grassed areas when all the larger breeds have had their turns.

The communal runs are used thru-out the day and the individual kennels are used during feeding and bedtimes. So you can rest assured that the little ones enjoy plenty of play and exercise time out of their kennels.

Trampoline beds (Hessian and shade-cloth varieties) stainless steel feed bowls, large water containers and wading pools are supplied for all our guests. We also have an ample amount of blankets and toys, so there is no need to supply blankets or bedding.

Social dogs enjoy running and playing in many of the exercise areas on the 2 acre property, while being supervised by our expert staff. Every dog regardless of sociability is exercised twice per day, for no extra charge.

Our kennels are cleaned/disinfected twice daily while dogs are being exercised. During extreme weather conditions dogs are kept in their individual kennels after toilet breaks.

Social dogs spend a large amount of their day roaming the 2 acres either in small groups or paired up.Social dogs spend a large amount of their day roaming the 2 acres either in small groups or paired up.

  • Dry – Meals for Mutts Premium Food Product
  • Semi-moist – Meat & Veggie dog roll (if requested)

* Please Note: Dogs’ with special diets (vet prescribed / home-cooked / Barf etc) owners will need to supply. We have fridge and freezer facilities available.

Every dog regardless of sociability is exercised twice per day minimum! All dogs that stay 5 days or longer, automatically receive a free hydro-bath before leaving. Dogs staying 4 days or under can still have a hydro-bath for a $15 fee. Please advise staff when booking.

Our 2-acre property in Kenwick is fully enclosed with 6ft cyclone fencing, surveillance cameras, shady trees and grass areas thru-out.

Clients mention the main reasons they enjoy bringing their dogs to board with us are the huge amount of space, lovely surroundings, and socializing aspect. For the dog/s we have trained it’s great they know us and we know them more intimately than the average kennel facility.

For the peace and comfort of our boarders we don’t allow inspections during peak periods. (ie: school holidays, public holidays etc.)

All fees are payable on entry of your pet so please be ready to make payment when you arrive. Cash, cheque or EFTPOS facilities available.

  • Current Vaccination Certificate – our friendly staff can let you know what vaccinations your pets need
  • Contact Phone Numbers – in case of emergency or questions
  • Details of special medication – plus enough medication to last the duration of your pet’s stay
  • Small fees for more complicated medications please ask staff for more information

1st dog $33 / 2nd dog $32 / 3rd dog $32
Public holidays 1st dog $37 / 2nd dog $36 / 3rd dog $36

Rates are charged per calendar day (from the day of arrival to the day of departure regardless of drop-off and pick up times.

As of the 1st January if a dog needs to be lead walked due to fence jumping, digging, restricted exercise etc we will charge an extra $3 per day. This is to cover the expense of having one staff member walking the dog while another cleans out the pen etc, and also the extra time needed.

As of the start of this year any medications will incur a $1 charge. Supplements such as fish oil tablets etc will not be charged for.

  • Up to 30kms $65
  • 30-40 kms $75
  • 40-50 kms $85
  • 50-60 kms $95
  • 60-70 kms $105

Airport transfer $65

*Please Note: Terms & conditions – Subject to change without notice *