Build a bond with your dog that lasts forever

We love our dogs. They bring us an incredible amount of joy, and they’re the most important member of our family.

But sometimes they can drive us nuts. Their behaviour can become exceptionally challenging, even for the most tolerant dog owners out there.

If you’re looking for dog training near you in Armadale, then you’ve come to the right place. Allbreeds offers professional dog training in Armadale and surrounding areas to teach your dog or puppy to be obedient and well-mannered – so you can form a bond with them that lasts forever.

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Professional dog training in Armadale

Our professional staff in the Armadale area have decades of experience training all sorts of dogs to develop extraordinary obedience and socialisation skills – from poodles and Labradors to Jack Russells and huskies.

We offer group dog training courses – from puppy to senior There’s simply no dog we can’t train.

This includes:

  • All breeds
  • All ages (from 8 weeks)
  • 1-on-1 in-home sessions
  • Virtual sessions
  • 20+ years’ experience training every dog under the sun

Dog obedience training Armadale

Our group dog obedience training here in Armadale are available to all dog breeds, of all ages (from 8 weeks), no matter what level of skill level they are at. All classes run for about 1 hour.
We have three tiers of obedience class:

[Can the client confirm their the levels of obedience classes offered?]
Classes run every week. You can start and join whenever you like – there’s no pressure to be locked in to set times.