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Program 1



Obedience issues covered include:

  • “Leash Manners” (an way to walk your dog that teaches your dog to be on a loose lead at all times No pulling!!)
  • “Heel” (formal walking at your left hand side).
  • “Sit”
  • “Drop”
  • “Stay” (with distractions noises, other dogs, handler moving around).
  • “Recall” (coming back).

Behavioural issues covered include:

  • Attention Seeking Behaviours (Jumping Up On People).
  • Boisterous Behaviour (Rushing thru doorways ).
  • Nuisance Barking
  • Destructive Behaviours (Chewing, Digging ).
  • Re-Housetraining

** All above training with other dogs present **